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Our innovative products and services satisfy millions of taste buds across the globe. We not only help you brew a perfect cup of coffee or tea, we set you on a aromatic journey and let you rediscover a perfect cup of coffee. Our services are meant to bring a smile on your face, be it a casual chit-chat or a formal discussion in a board meeting, our products and services connect people across all ages and profiles. We value professionalism and put perseverance at the core of everything we do.

Our services include a vast variety of coffee machines, tea products, coffee beans and catering solutions. In crux, we provide end-to-end solutions for all your coffee needs. While we provide machines that make the creamiest and most satisfying cup of coffee you would have ever had, we also offer you an exclusive range of aromatic coffee beans and tea products which are processed and packaged with great care. Our expert team evaluates your precise requirement and provides a solution accordingly.

Coffee Machines

It is an irrefutable fact that coffee has become recognized as a human necessity. It is no longer a luxury or an indulgence; it is a corollary of human energy and human efficiency. We understand how relieving a cup of coffee can be when made with artisanal care and that’s why we utilize the best of innovative techniques to make your coffee experience divine.

We provide machines that make the creamiest and most satisfying cup of coffee you would have ever had. Our machines are high on performance and low on maintenance. Irene’s coffee machines address your coffee cravings at the click of a button!

Our semi-automatic and fully automatic range of machines is highly versatile. Be it grinding coffee beans or dispensing coffee and steam simultaneously to give you a creamy frothy cup of coffee; our machines are the perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance. Our wide range of user-friendly coffee machines caters to small as well as big offices. We also pay great attention to technical specifications and craft machines which are high, both on capacity and performance.

Tea Products

From reducing stress level to help you look younger, Tea is no less than a magic potion. While green tea helps you maintain healthy weight, black tea helps you lower systolic blood pressure. Hot or cold, with milk or without milk, packaged or loose, both way, tea is fabulous and so are its benefits. Tea is the most frequently consumed beverage around the world other than water. In some parts of the world it is a cultural icon with innumerable local variations while in others, offering tea is a gesture of hospitality.

We select the best harvests and blend the finest teas with aromatic herbs to create an enchanting experience for you. Explore the vast variety of tea products and a wide range of flavours with Irene’s.

Coffee Beans

There are six fundamental principles of brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Buying good quality coffee beans is the first one. Coffee has more flavour compounds than wine and that is why choosing the right kind of coffee bean makes all the difference to your cuppa. Our exclusive range of aromatic coffee beans is processed with great care and precision. We bring high quality beans from around the world which are carefully roasted and packed keeping the freshness intact. We believe brewing that perfect cup of coffee is less about science and more about art. While the equipment matters, it is the coffee bean that makes it perfect.

Irene’s offers you a wide variety of both Indian as well as imported coffee beans. Irene’s coffee beans are optimally roasted so that you can taste the actual flavours of coffee. Our exhaustive range ensures that you savour different varieties of this exotic beverage and feast your senses, quite literally.

Catering Solutions

Our Outdoor Catering (ODC) services have marked a distinct position in the market by offering complete catering solutions. From providing Coffee Kiosk to installation, maintenance, products, machinery along with skilful professionals, Irene’s offers end-to-end beverage services. Be it an in-house conference, a training session, small gatherings or even a massive corporate event, we offer services to all. Our expert team evaluates your precise requirement and provides a solution accordingly. Our hospitality specialists ensure that all your catering requirements are taken care of so that you have a truly memorable experience.

Apart from this, our ODC services are renowned for their timely execution, reliability and cost-effectiveness.