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NEMOX LUX Coffee Grinder

Professional coffee grinders with stainless steel body. Lux uses conical mills, in hardened, tempered steel, to guarantee a long working life and excellent performance over time. The powerful engine is equipped with a reduction system that allows the speed to be reduced from 10,200 to 800 RPM.


A low milling speed is very important since it ensures the coffee is not overheated, which might lead to a burnt flavor.


LUX – designed to maintain coffee’s quality and aroma intact

Key Features

Stainless steel conical mills
Grinding speed reduction form 10,200 to 800 RPM

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W*H*D :  95x180x300 mm
Weight : 2 kg
Framework material : Stainless steel conical mills
Grinding capacity per hour : 2-4 kg
Power :  150 W