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Switch on the machine, pour ingredients in, and Gelato & Sorbet Art will automatically gently churn and freeze to give delicious results every time.


With Gelato & Sorbet Art you can prepare gelato, ice cream, sorbet and granitas of all possible flavours.


Preparation can be obtained in the fixed stainless steel inner bowl or in the removable bowl for greater flexibility and easy storing.


Gelato & Sorbet Art is a compact and effective machine that makes gelato for up to 8/10 people (800g.- 1 qt) in just 20/30 minutes.


Built-in, high efficiency CFCs free compressor


Patented counter revolving mixing paddle with double effect.


It changes automatically the rotation speed in funcion of the ingredients’ consistency. The result is a perfectly combined, creamy gelato with no frozen particles.


The temperature of the gelato is even all over.


Technical Specifications

Appliance Dimensions : 255 x 335 x 265
Weight : 10 kg
Power consumption : 220-240V 50/60Hz/1
Hardness value : ABS
Production per cycle : Every 25-35 minutes 1,2 l – 1.2 qt