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Cold accumulating ice-cream maker with airtight sealed double walled bowl.


Mixing powered by electric motor.


Produces ice-creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yoghurt for 6/10 people in 20-30 minutes only.


Ideal for instant cooling of any kind of drink.


The bowl has an elegant design and looks attractive on the table as ice-bucket or bottle cooler.


The frozen bowl maintains a temperature of -10°C for about 2 hours.


The stainless steel inner bowl guarantees perfect hygiene and durability. Absolutely scratchproof.

Technical Specifications

Appliance Dimensions :  195 x 195 x 220 mm
Weight : 2.6 kg
Power consumption : 220-240V 50 Hz
Hardness value : ABS
Production per cycle : Every 20-30 minutes 700 g