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The Dolce Vita, for making any type of ice-creams, sorbets or granitas,with style. Use it and flaunt it.


The Dolce Vita is the only appliance with stainless steel inner bowl polished to a mirror finish, good to look at, easy to clean, hygienic and absolutely scratch-proof. The lid has a generously sized opening for pouring or adding ingredients.


The Dolce Vita is an extremely user-friendly ice-cream maker that guarantees perfect results, always. Ice cream for 6-10 people (900 g.) in just 20-30 minutes. Cold accumulating ice-cream maker with airtight sealed double walled bowl.


Mixing powered by electric motor. Ideal for instant cooling of any kind of drink. The bowl has an elegant design and looks attractive on the table as ice-bucket or bottle cooler. The frozen bowl maintains a temperature of -10°C for about 2 hours. And remember, ice-cream is good and is good to you!

Technical Specifications

Appliance Dimensions :  195 x 195 x 220 mm
Weight : 2.9 kg
Power consumption : 220-240V 50
Hardness value : ABS
Production per cycle : Every 20-30 minutes 700 g