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Gelatissimo K-TECH

Fully automatic, semi-professional Gelato & Sorbet machine


Prepare your mixture, pour it into the machine and forget! K-TECH will automatically churn and keep it constantly mixed. When ready, it will store your preparation at the right temperature as long as you wish! Makes gelato, sorbet, ice cream, frozen yoghurt!


The machine is equipped with high performing refrigeration system and mixing unit. Large 1.7 l. (1.8 Qts.) Capacity. Comes with a removable bowl, a measuring cup and an ice cream spatula.


The refrigeration system complies with environmental regulations protecting the ozone layer.

Technical Specifications

Appliance Dimensions :  21x29x35 mm
Weight : 12 kg
Power consumption : 220-240V 50/60Hz/1
Hardness value : ABS
Production per cycle :  Every 25-35 minutes 1.5 l – 1 qt