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The compact Caffè dell’Opera and Caffè Fenice are in stainless steel and have the performance features of real small professionals.


Caffè dell’Opera has a built-in coffee mill with conical grinders adjusted to the fraction of a millimetre.


The large boiler is in brass, in the old tradition of professional coffee-makers, to guarantee a thermal inertia allowing excellent control of the temperature, governed by thermostats operating with a tolerance of less than 5 °C.


Both machines are equipped with solenoid valve on the water delivery unit. This device cuts out water drips from the filter or spout at times when the pressure is high.


The solid professional brass filter-holder retains the heat, always guaranteeing an espresso at the ideal temperature. All internal pipes are in brass.


The specially designed steam spout is equipped with a device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino.

Key Features

Bress boiler (1×200 cc)
Stainless steel heating (800W)
Coffee pump – max Pressure (1×16 bar)
Solenoid valve for coffee, water, steam (1)
Water tank 2l – 2.2 qt

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W*H*D : 210x290x350 mm
Weight : 9,8 Kg
Power consumption : 230V 50Hz/1
Hardness value : Stainless steel body
Coffee Grinder with Conical Mills : No