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Lirika is a simple, compact and performing machine, ideal for the office and small Ho.Re.Ca. venues. It has modern and essential lines, high capacity water and coffee tanks and is incredibly easy to use. Lirika Plus and Lirika OTC are the best expression of Saeco know-how, in three versions that offer a concentrated mix of top quality and performance.

The wide display (in the OTC version with completely redesigned icons) allows the user to choose espresso or coffee and hot water or steam delivered through an independent wand (steam not available in the OTC version). They can also prepare creamy and tasty cappuccinos and latte macchiato, also with the “One Touch“ system in Lirika OTC, thanks to the innovative “Pinless Wonder“ cappuccinatore.

All the models are characterised by the pre-brewing system, a Class A boiler, ceramic blades and a removable brewing unit (with aroma intensity calibration in the OTC and Plus versions), to facilitate cleaning and maintenance activities.

Key Features

500 gr coffee beans
2.5 l water
15 coffee grounds
0.5 l drip tray
One-Touch cappuccino

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W*H*D : 215 x 370 x 429 mm
Weight : 8 kg
Power consumption : 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Water tank : 2,5 l, removable