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An ideal office coffee machine for small, medium and large offices or workplaces, Idea Cappuccino makes 150+ coffees per hour. Its compact design makes it handy while its capacity makes it really effective.


The fully automatic Idea Cappuccino is a combination of stunning design and hi-tech performance. Its double boiler dispenses coffee and milk simultaneously which gives you the best frothy and creamy cup of coffee. Its build in cappuccinatore draws the milk straight from the container and turns it into the best cappuccinos and lattes. It can also be used to manually froth milk which makes it the ultimate self-service machine.

Key Features

Continuous steam without damps
Hot water production/hour (150cc Cup): 400
Coffee preparations/hour (30 cc Cup): 150
Cappuccino preparation/hour (150 cc Cup): 60
Built in coffee grinder of 2.1kg capacity

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W*H*D :  530x690x545mm
Weight : 54 Kg
Power consumption : 240V/540Hz
Hardness value : Stainless steel boiler
Brewing group :  7-9 gms or 9-16 gms