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Biepi automatic makes the life of a barista easy and effortless. The control panel on the machine comes with four programmable doses, start and stop buttons and hot water brewing for each group.


Key Features

Simple and intuitive button control panel
LED lighting
Coffee group heating through thermosiphon circuit process
Base, frontal side, button control panel, drip tray, rear panel and cup shelf in sturdy stainless steel
Ergonomically designed with inclined filter-holders

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Cm) : 71 X 55 X 46
Weight : 58 Kg
Power : 3000 W
Voltage : 220/230/380 V
Boiler Capacity : 12 L
Steam Spouts : 2
Hot Water Doses : 2
Cup Warming Kit : Yes
Led Lighting Kit : Yes